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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Agricultural Research Service

Lentinula edodes,

is the Latin for the Japanese name Shiitake. This fungus prefer the Shii tree, a kind of oak, where the name comes from. "Take" is the Japanese word for mushroom.

Originated in far east Asia, Shiitake is enjoyed as a delicious culinary mushroom all over the world in dishes as well as supplements.

Fresh or dried, the Shiitake is enjoyed in many varied dishes such as soups, stir fry dishes, stews and many other kinds.


Shiitake has been used in traditional Chinese and other Far East Asian countries for medicine. It is widely thought that Shiitake boost the body´s resistance, circulation, longevity and general health.

Some research suggests its properties act against developing cancer and hindering inflammation.

Most positive findings is that Shiitake has a great taste, enjoy!


Please note that you should not eat raw and undercooked Shiitake as it can cause an itchy rash. The rash, called flagellate dermatitis and typically appears after 24 hours after eating undercooked Shiitakes. However these rashes are not dangerous in general but uncomfortable.

The rash usually goes away on its own and to cure faster, apply moisture cream to the skin or an effective anti-itch product recommended by your chemist.

Simply prepare, cook, boil or fry to avoid these problems and enjoy!


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